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Ajax Turner

Our state-of-the-art facility spares no expense to keep your beverages cool and dry. And our automated systems, which include voice picking, eliminate order errors and support our incredibly efficient delivery service.

Distribution Territory


From our centrally located headquarters in the Nashville suburb of La Vergne, right off the I-24, we provide full-service beverage distribution to the Nashville metropolitan area and surrounding counties. Our fleet is one of the most reliable in the business, with an average of just one breakdown every three weeks. Even if a truck gets sidelined, we have a host of reserve vehicles ready to go, ensuring that our drivers are back on the road within 30 minutes.

Territory Description



Our state-of-the-art warehouse includes robotic pallet shrink wrapping, high-speed walk-in refrigerator doors, and vertical pallet racking. Just off the I-24, it is situated with easy access to our entire distribution network.

Conference Center

For a large company we need a lot of communal space to develop team inititiaves. Our 200-person conference area allows our sales teams to better work with vendors. We make this space available to businesses who need a mid-sized area to host a conference.

Fleet Maintenance

We maintain over 200 vehicles at any given time. With few exceptions, all are serviced on our property. If a vehicle does down, we can have it, or a replacement running within a few hours. This commitment ensures that our products are presented well, from our floor to yours.

Sign Shop

Based on our decades of experience, we strongly believe that at-retail promotions drive sales. Our in-house sign shop deserves pride of place and can custom print banners, menus, shelf talkers and window dressings. We also stock branded promotions direct from our breweries, such as coasters, neon signs and posters.


As any beverage distributor with an ounce of pride knows, rotation is key. We record and track all your products’ pull dates through our online system and help manage inventory so that older beverages are sold first, minimizing the time between packaging and consumption and avoiding the sale of any out-of-code beer or other drinks.

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